Thursday, July 16, 2009

hi, my name is...

M to the C. This blog will be dedicated to things that inspire me. And hopefully some day lead to the creation of an etsy shop and/or further develop my creative interests as I currently live in a world of un-creativity and legalese. I like running, sewing (not really but I like the thought process and finished product), making jewelry (same), planning themed parties, fashion, fresh organic local food, weddings (currently trying to get over this addiction), outrageously overpriced work out clothes that make you feel good (can I get a "lululemon"), pilates plus (not regular pilates but pilates plus), cheese, travel, summer in the city, swimming in the pool with my brand new husband, reading a good book, modern furniture, dishes, and housewares, sugar, cotton candy and sweets, anything related to the MoMA, and many other things, soon to be posted on this blog.

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