Thursday, January 21, 2010

better late than never...

This year's goals.

1. keep a diary and make a list of 10 things I'm thankful for every month.
2. apply for 10+ jobs per month.
3. keep track of finances and BUDGET!!!!
4. do crunches/weights at least 3x per week and keep working out.
5. create a clothing line of 5 looks by may.
6. start non-profit org. get it up and running by the end of this year.
7. bring my lunch to work.
8. post wedding dress and sell it.
9. Do more pro bono work.
10. Go to bed by Midnight and try to get to work before 10:30!!!
11. Go to physique 57 once a month till I move.

Places I want to visit someday.

1. New Zealand and Tahiti
2. Korea
3. Japan
4. Greece
5. Turkey
6. Peru - Inca Trail
7. China
8. Hong Kong
9. Safari in Africa
10. Desert safari in Abu Dhabi
11. Bolivian salt flats
12. Aruba
13. Hawaii
14. Bike through the Loire
15. India

The Bucket List.
1. Do a triathalon.
2. Live in the countryside and ride a vespa.
3. Learn Korean.
4. Learn French.
5. Return to Bcn. with Kevin.

to be continued...

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